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Welcome to our brand new website!
13 Sep
Our new online portal provides a one-stop shop to subscribe and manage your services and subscriptions, book on to our upcoming training courses & events and access our latest news and resources. New features included... a whole redesign of the download a custom brochure in both services and training search all content in the portal using a key word direct access to the LA's online resources (coming soon) contacts list of all LA services providers and schools & settings
Children's Information Books
02 Oct
Children’s Information Books From Tower Hamlets Schools Library Service The Royal Society and the School Library Association are both running information book awards this term. The shortlists for each award feature superb non-fiction books that are ideal for your primary school library. Sets of books from both awards (13 titles in all) can be ordered from the Schools Library Service, supplied with protective plastic jackets, at 15% discount. A list of the books and an order form are on our website www.towerhamlets-sls.org.uk or email schoolslibraryservices@towerhamlets.gov.uk .
Progression in Language Structures DVD Resource
17 Jul
The Progression in Language Structures DVD resource provides teachers with support for planning. The DVD has video sequences - exemplification in a Year 1 and Year 5 class and additional MS Word documents. The resource focuses on the 12 most used language functions and explains what pupils might say if they were using that type of language. For example, if pupils were asked to predict in a science lesson, the document will help the teacher to decide the language to model to the pupils and the language they want the pupils to use. The resource is available to purchase at a cost of £13.99 per DVD - FREE P&P. LBTH SCHOOLS & ORGANISATIONS: Please purchase via SLA Online ALL OTHER SCHOOLS & ORGANISATIONS: Please email your order – the quantity of DVDs required, delivery and invoice address and any purchase order number if applicable to: Tilly Nimako Tel: 020 7364 4677 Email: Tilly.Nimako@towerhamlets.gov.uk
Families Matter Spring 2017
21 Feb
Families Matter Spring 2017
SLA - School Admissions and Appeals Subscription for OAA 2017-18
31 Jan
SLA - School Admissions and Appeals Subscription for OAA 2017-18
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11 Jan
Positive Handling 1 day course- Primary and Early years
Positive Handling/Restraint
15 Jan
Strategies to Support Achievement in Times Tables x3, x6, x9, x12
The training will address the following: To share a range of strategies for teaching multiplication tables x3, x6, x9, x12 To hear how schools in Tower Hamlets manage the teaching of Times tables
17 Jan
Mathematics Subject Lead Development Session
The training will address the following: Examine the role of the subject leader to support them in proactively driving progress and improvements in mathematics Identify systems that will allow leaders to manage the challenges and create opportunities to drive standards forward Create a valuable evidence base for school self-evaluation Basic training in the use of the DfE’s Analyse School Performance (ASP), including understanding the tables/charts Explore the performance measures including floor targets and coasting measures and how school data can be analysed at school, subject and group level Know how ASP data is likely to be used at an OFSTED inspection Explore individual school data and identify strengths and next steps for Subject Leaders Action Plans Update on Local and National initiatives in Mathematics
17 Jan
Primary Mathematics Network Meeting
The training will address the following: Explore a range of possible approaches to plan for effective intervention across the school Gain a greater understanding of the different forms of intervention and how to manage these Be in a better position to be able to identify gaps in mathematical understanding, unpick the individual underlying needs, support staff to close these gaps and measure impact Update on Local and National initiatives in Mathematics Curriculum Update Guest Speaker- tbc Moderating Mathematics Future CPD
18 Jan
Essential Moving and Handling Skills for Teaching Assistants
For TAs working with any child who may need moving and handling.